New Book Release: Wisdom's Harvest

New Book Release:  Wisdom's Harvest

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wisdom's Harvest Book Release

The tests and trials of life are many.  Either we use them for building blocks for our future, or allow them to destroy us.  Much like an oyster's response to a potentially harmful intrusion in its shell which is the beginning process of pearl formation, our response to the challenges in life can produce something of value and great worth. In this book of wisdom, you will learn how to turn what may have seemed to be life's set-backs into set-ups for a life of victory!

In this insightful book of Wisdom, you will obtain the keys to unlock the most frustrating of life's situations.  The powerful revelatory truths and self-help activities will help you gain insight in personal ways to overcome the tests and trials of everyday life and relationships.  Read this book carefully and often and learn how to reap a plentiful harvest of victory!

Katina Anderson Brown is a Wife, Mother, Counselor, Elder, Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Founder of KA Brown Ministries and Destiny Fellowship Ministries.  Her practical wisdom and insight are in tremendous demand and has transformed the lives of countless thousands through the years.  She is also the Founder & Trainer of The Watchman's School of Prayer and Intercession which trains and equips churches, prayer groups and ministries for the end-times.

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