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New Book Release:  Wisdom's Harvest

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Monday, November 1, 2010

October's Women's Mentoring Clinic 2010

What an awesome time we had during October's Women's Mentoring Clinic!  Moncks Corner, West Ashley and everywhere in between was represented during this life changing session!  Our topic was, "Where Am I?" Each woman took an introspective look at where they were positioned in their personal life, career, spiritual life, home and relationships.  During our Word Impact session, we examined Genesis 3 and how God's question to Adam, "Where art thou?" was not so much a question of his physical location, but a question that caused Adam to identify how far off course he was from God's original design for his life.We then took the time to identify how our five senses are a compass to where we are in each area of our lives; What am I seeing, who am I listening to, how am I feeling, what is the flavor of my life, and whether or not our lives are a sweet aroma in the nostrils of God.  What an awesome time we had!

In closing we stated that "In order to chart the course to where you are going, you must first locate where you are!"  Each woman took the time to listen to her fellow sister, minister to her need and offer the Wisdom of God that is producing change in the lives of all that came.  We thank God for what he is doing through these meetings.

We are already finalizing plans for our November meeting, which will be held in a few weeks.  Make plans now to attend and bring a friend!  You will be glad that you came, In Jesus' Name!



  1. Congrats on another anointed and power packed session of wisdom and impartation. Im looking forward to November's meeting!

    Min. Deborah Singleton

  2. Thanks Min. Singleton! God is so wonderful for giving us the opportunity to share in his Kingdom Agenda on the earth! Thanks for all of your hard work with the PR and Marketing for KRAM. Blessings on you and SureVantage Media!