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New Book Release:  Wisdom's Harvest

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Conference Highlights

The Women of DESTINY Conference 2010 was a Huge Success!  Praise reports and testimonies are still coming in on how these women have been Empowered, Enlightened and Elevated in the Spirit through Saturday's Conference:
  • "I am moved to tears by the Anointing that is on your life! I felt the power of God from the very start. Whenever you have another, please let me know. I can't wait to come for another high time in the Lord!"       ~M. Graham, Jamaica
  • "Today was truly a blessing for me.  That's what its all about, supporting one another and staying hungry for the Word of God!"         ~C. Singletary
  • "Thank You so much for sharing the Word of God and allowing him to use you in a mighty way!  I was supposed to leave early, but I didn't because I didn't want to miss what God was saying.  God Bless!  Thanks for the Impartation!"               ~A. Singletary
  • "On today, I received more than could be measured!  I thank God for the Ministry he is birthing in our lives together!"        ~G. Herrine
  • "I enjoyes myself tremendously!  So did the ladies that came with me.  One of the ladies testified about the Conference in services this morning!  Keep on moving for the Lord!"  ~ Lady Richardson, Faith Deliverance Ministries
  • "I give GOD all the praise and the glory for blessing me with such wonderful people in my life...You were there for me when I was at one of my lowest points.  I want to give a Heartfelt "Thank You"..for all of the prayers, words of encouragement and conversations.  God Bless you & I Love You!"     ~C.H.
  • "I love the practical approach of the Word of God this morning!  You gave us strategies that we could use for every area during this Conference.  Count Me In on whatever the Lord has planned!  I'm so glad that I came!" ~C. Washington
  • "Elder, thank you for the impartation,  I'm here for you if you should ever need me. Love you sis!! ~Min. S. Costa
  • "When is the mext Conference?  I'm there!  My life will never be the same.  Thanks for letting God use you.  I'm a Widow, but I am taking something away from today's meeting as well.  Keep on doing the work of the Lord!" ~L. Wright,  G.B.B.C. Women's Ministry Host
  • "I was taking notes, and what I have learned today I will pass on to other women!  My sister was very blessed by coming today.  Keep us posted on your calendar and if time will permit, we will be sure to come!  This was excellent!              ~T. Mobley, Co-Pastor Trumpet of Truth

Time and Space will not allow for all of the testimonials, but we are forever grateful to God for ordaining this work, and thankful to all of our Staff and Supporters that make KRA Ministries a success!

Requests are already coming in for future events!  Stay tuned for more information on upcoming events in the days to come!

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